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‘Links I Liked’ that I Like

It has been a while since I’ve compiled a week’s development blog reading into a “Saturday Morning Reading“, so I’d like to share a few alternative links reviews.


I follow these blogs, and around a hundred others, using an RSS Reader called Feedly. I find that it keeps things well-organised, presents articles nicely and integrates well with other services I use, such as Evernote, Instapaper and Twitter.

  • Duncan Green’s From Poverty to Power blog is probably the most successful development blog in the UK and so it’s not surprising that “Links I Liked” is entertaining and informative each Monday, with a combination of links, charts, cartoons and videos.
  • Tobias Denskus’s Aidnography Links and Contents I Liked is much more thorough – going far beyond listing links to pull out key quotes and critique articles on development news, anthropology, academia and media.
  • Ranil Dissanayake’s links round up is fairly new on the scene but is already one of my favourites featuring highlights from the economics blogosphere, with detours to lament (or, today, celebrate) the Sri Lankan cricket team.
  • [Added 30/08/16] Rachel Strohm has a regular “Links I liked” section that is in equal parts informative and entertaining, with musical interludes. (Thanks to Tobias Denskus for pointing out the lack of female bloggers on the list.)
  • Hosted on Chris Blattman’s popular blog, but not authored by him, IPA’s Weekly Links, showcases the the latest in development economics.
  • DevPolicy’s fortnightly links are new to me but come highly recommended by the team behind WhyDev.

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