I worked with Jamie on LearnAdapt, where his vision brought a real energy and magic. He is brilliant at bringing his systems thinking to life in real situations, curiously seeking to understand constraints and motivations, and zooming out to look at the big picture. Jamie is a super networker – many of the fascinating online sessions we had during Covid were possible due to the relationships Jamie had created, and his joy at keeping them alive. Jamie designs sessions that engage and build momentum. He is great at holding space for divergent views, and encouraging quiet voices. He’s adept at ‘dancing in the moment’, and will marry careful planning with a willingness to sense what’s needed in the moment.

Emma Proud, Head of Learning and Adapting, Brink

“This report and the last three years would not have been what they were without the gentle and holding support of Jamie Pett. As a learning partner you have been able to provide a safe space in which I could critically but kindly look at what was done, how and what possible futures could be imagined. You facilitated the documentation and herstory of the project that goes beyond evaluation of outcomes or impact.”

Huda Jawad, founder of the SAFE Communities project, now Co-Director at Musawah

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jamie’s facilitation of processes and emergence, both in person and online – he has a unique ability to model humility and collaboration in a way that brings together diverse groups in pursuit of a common goal. And he has brought creativity, curiosity and questions that help unlock progress to his role as a member of The Equity Index’s Advisory Council. If you’re seeking support with convening stakeholders to address complex challenges, or with crystalising ideas into action, I would highly recommend working with Jamie. 

Alex Martins, Independent Researcher & Co-Founder of The Equity Index   

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Jamie as a colleague and to have been invited by him to events that he has hosted. He does both with warmth for the people and a strong sense of commitment to the common good. He holds space for people to build better relationships, explore challenges, imagine the possible and embrace the uncertain. And he does all of this with a strong eye for equity, including whose voices are heard, and whose need to be amplified. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a consultant, facilitator and network weaver who will help champion and shepherd the causes you care about.

Andy Schofield, Director, Curiosity Society

Jamie has the unique ability to effectively engage teams for results. We’ve worked with Jamie on several assignments and have appreciated his creativity while staying responsive to our priorities and goals. More than once he’s helped organize our disparate thoughts and craft meaningful exchanges with colleagues. Jamie ‘walks the walk’ with adaptation, giving space for co-creation and emergence.

Susan Kemp, Global Practice Lead, Democracy and Governance, Chemonics International

I’ve had the pleasant chance of being part of the LIDN team, founded and led by Jamie. Working with Jamie is like having a good friend who always cheers for you to be your best self.

Jamie has an approach to leadership that is very horizontal and inclusive. He makes everyone in the room feel supported and excited. His drive and curiosity are contagious. When he facilitates, he is deeply in tune with the group’s needs and direction. He has a sense of purpose and clarity that helps the group achieve its goals.

As a coach, his questions have a highly motivating effect on you. He is very open and authentic in his communication which creates an ideal environment for you to grow.

Alara Adalı, Content Writer, Editor & Communications Consultant