About Me

My name is Jamie Pett and I’m a geek for creating the conditions for equitable change to happen in complex systems. This typically takes the form of facilitation, research and network weaving.

I’m an Associate Director at the Curiosity Society helping organisations to learn and design their way to a better world. I’m Co-Chair of the board of RESULTS UK and on the Advisory Council for The Equity Index. And I’m the founder of the London International Development Network.

Working backwards from now… From 2017 to 2020, I worked as a consultant with the Overseas Development Institute and Brink as part of the LearnAdapt programme. From 2013 to 2015, I was an ODI Fellow embedded in the Zanzibar Planning Commission, advising the Government on a wide range of issues. Before that, I was an energy economist at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Vice-Chair of Development in Action.  I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA at the University of Warwick then Development Administration and Planning MSc at University College London.

I get excited about building relationships, learning by trying things out and making connections between ideas, practice and people. I’m an ambivert and specialise in being a generalist. According to Strengthsfinder, my strengths are: woo, communication, individualisation, ideation and input. I sometimes call myself a systems entrepreneur.

I live in South London with my Dutch partner and our super-fluffy cat, Lewis. I’m a proud Cornishman and a farmer’s son. To relax I play drums for the Sunday Assembly, do improv comedy and run long distances.

Radical freedom on Kilimanjaro