Careers in international development: a resource list

Earlier this week, I gave a talk at the University of Warwick, where I studied for my bachelors degree. I spoke to an audience ranging from freshers to post-grads on building a career in international development. Instead of presenting from a particular end point or a particular organisation, I gave four pieces of advice and… Continue reading Careers in international development: a resource list

Saturday Morning Reading #44

Here’s your (Satur)Sunday morning reading on the Gates Foundation and the SDGs, complexity and development and how to shift the debate on taking care of ourselves as aid workers… 1. Bill, Melinda, and the SDGs | Alex Evans – Global Dashboard The SDGs were reportedly repeatedly ridiculed at a recent Gates Foundation meeting. Alex Evans suggests that this could… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #44

So, what will you do after Zanzibar?

Radical freedom on Kilimanjaro

I don’t know what continent I’ll be on, let alone which country. I don’t know whether I’ll be working for the private sector, government, international organisation, NGO or social enterprise. I could be terrified by this but right now it’s liberating.

Breaking into international development

I wrote this a few months ago for Development in Action’s blog (original here). It mainly reflects things I have found helpful thus far in my career and is essentially advice I give to friends looking to break into the sector. ***** Trying to break into a career in international development? Don’t wait for a… Continue reading Breaking into international development