Facing my Fear of French

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One afternoon last week, I was nervous about speaking to a woman. It’s not the first time this has happened in my life but this time I wasn’t even worried about whether she would like me. The problem is that she was French and I had agreed to speak to her in her own language.… Continue reading Facing my Fear of French


Star Jump at Sossosvlei, Namibia

In my last big blog post back in October I promised a lot. I’ve done well in some areas but less well in others. This post is an honest reflection of where I’ve gotten to 3.5 months later; on how travelling was amazing, learning is underway and communicating needs a kick-start. Travelling with Freedom From… Continue reading Reflection

My big plans for the next year

I left Zanzibar last Friday after two years as an economist in the Zanzibar Planning Commission as part of the ODI Fellowship Scheme. Now everybody is asking me what comes next. The answer, for the next few months at least, is travelling, learning and communicating. Let me explain… I’m in the lucky (privileged) position to… Continue reading My big plans for the next year

Life in Zanzibar: An Introduction

Singing carols with friends and occasionally attempting harmonies. Top marks to Nell for hosting a great party and nailing the descant to Hark the Herald.

Now you know the most important things about Zanzibar itself, I thought it’s about time to write a little about my life here. Stone Town Firstly, I live in Stone Town (see aerial shot below), a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a very old town full of narrow winding streets that make it exceedingly easy… Continue reading Life in Zanzibar: An Introduction

Top five things you should know about Zanzibar

Without turning this blog into Buzzfeed, I thought that before I say much about Zanzibar, I should lay out the basics. This is mostly because, six months ago when I got the email from ODI telling me I’d be going here, I don’t I knew any of this stuff, so I am assuming neither does… Continue reading Top five things you should know about Zanzibar


About nine years after my first doomed attempt at blogging and many more since, I think this time I may be ready to commit to this thing on a regular basis. As you can probably tell from my about section, I’m not completely sure where I’m heading with this personal-professional hybrid blog, but figure that… Continue reading Introduction