Zanzibar’s Best Data

Update October 2017: A lot of links that were on this page were broken when the Office of the Chief Government Statistician (OCGS) changed their website. It’s not the most user-friendly of sites but I’ve trawled through it and tried to replace the links where possible and add a few new ones. There are also… Continue reading Zanzibar’s Best Data

Saturday Morning Reading #51

Hello from Namibia. After a long hiatus, here’s your Saturday Morning Reading! 1. People Power – What Progress on Fighting Inequality Would Look Like | Ben Phillips – Global Dashboard “What will progress in the fight against inequality look like? It will look like people power.” 2. Dilemmas over the data movement | Duncan Green –… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #51

Saturday Morning Reading #43

Here’s your Saturday morning reading (because you need to read something that isn’t about the election). This week’s edition features the future of (beyond) aid, the data revolution, an attack on advocacy, shock tactics in NGO messaging, how to make it easier to give effectively and some answers to why the number of poor people… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #43