Saturday Morning Reading #24

After a wonderful couple of weeks with my parents, I’m back with a fresh serving of Saturday Morning Reading. A lot of great blogging during the hiatus – make sure you check it out! Here we go… 1) EBOLA a. Ebolanomics | The Third Transition What are the economics of ebola beyond the initial hit?… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #24

Saturday Morning Reading #12

It has been a very busy but exciting week here in Zanzibar as I’ve been participating in a 10-day “Lab” where we are creating a new tourism master plan. It has been exhausting and challenging but, as is often the case with these things, I’ve learnt more in a few days than I would in… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #12

Saturday Morning Reading #3

Here’s your Saturday morning reading… 1) In the latest Development Drums podcast, Owen Barder talks to Angus Deaton on his new book, The Great Escape, which brings together his research into health, well-being, and economic development. 2) Jay Ulfelder looks at why 2013 saw more new mass killings than any year since the early 1990s.… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #3

Breaking into international development

I wrote this a few months ago for Development in Action’s blog (original here). It mainly reflects things I have found helpful thus far in my career and is essentially advice I give to friends looking to break into the sector. ***** Trying to break into a career in international development? Don’t wait for a… Continue reading Breaking into international development