‘Links I Liked’ that I Like

It has been a while since I’ve compiled a week’s development blog reading into a “Saturday Morning Reading“, so I’d like to share a few alternative links reviews. Blogs I follow these blogs, and around a hundred others, using an RSS Reader called Feedly. I find that it keeps things well-organised, presents articles nicely and… Continue reading ‘Links I Liked’ that I Like

Saturday Morning Reading #52

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Here’s your [day-late-due-to-sand-boarding-fun] Saturday Morning Reading…   1. WorkDev #3: Climbing the career ladder | Maia Gedde – WhyDev Great advice aimed at those who have worked a couple of years in development but need to think about what happens next. Top tips: – Adopt a life-long learning philosophy – Get a mentor. – Don’t… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #52

Saturday Morning Reading #14

Here’s your Saturday Morning Reading: 1) From Poverty to Power Special Edition! Duncan Green has been annoyingly good this week so features FOUR times: i) How can advocacy NGOs become more innovative? Your thoughts please. Possible answers: be more like Google by stealing more ideas, having more spin offs, having a form of 20% time and… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #14

Saturday morning reading #4

Here’s your Saturday morning reading: 1) POSITIVE: Inspiring stories from South Sudan. E.g. ” A Juba suburb has organised community patrols comprising of Nuer and Dinka men tasked with protecting all members of their community.” 2) NEGATIVE: Goodbye to an ominous year “Though certainly depressing, the observation that 2013 was a bad year is fairly… Continue reading Saturday morning reading #4