Brexit and International Development: A Round-Up

How do you solve a problem like Brexit? There is no shortage of analysis on the fall-out of the EU Referendum on June 23rd, some of it looking at how it could affect international development. (Particular kudos to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Center for Global Development (CGD) for being so quick off the… Continue reading Brexit and International Development: A Round-Up

Saturday Morning Reading #24

After a wonderful couple of weeks with my parents, I’m back with a fresh serving of Saturday Morning Reading. A lot of great blogging during the hiatus – make sure you check it out! Here we go… 1) EBOLA a. Ebolanomics | The Third Transition What are the economics of ebola beyond the initial hit?… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #24

Mega Sunday Morning Reading

This is a bumper late edition of Saturday Morning Reading because I was lucky enough to be away the last couple of weekends in Rwanda and Uganda. Normal service will resume next week (then be cut off again when parents come to town the next week!) 1. Working In Aid Without Volunteering | Development Intern… Continue reading Mega Sunday Morning Reading

Saturday Morning Reading #19

I’ve had a lot of busy weekends recently getting up to all sorts. However, last week while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro I promised myself I’d get going again. So, without further ado, here’s your Saturday morning reading… 1. Volunteering: The paradox at the beginning of an aid career | Development Intern – Jennifer Ambrose “You can’t get… Continue reading Saturday Morning Reading #19