Saturday Morning Reading #47

Here’s your very belated (again) Saturday morning reading…
The summer volunteering season is here (judging by the number of people arriving in Zanzibar at least!)
Ken’s top advice: Be respectful, work with the grain, keep a diary and don’t share poverty porn on Facebook.
2. What can soccer tactics tell us about the limitations of planning? | Duncan Green – Global Development Professionals Network
“In football, as in politics, there will also be a huge amount of activity during a match that does not directly affect the progress towards a specific goal. Working out what activity is relevant will emerge only as the game progresses. At the start, it is impossible to identify how each of the 22 players will behave during 90 minutes. And yet the current application of logframes means that we are essentially being asked to predict the entire passage of the match – and the actions of both supporters and opponents.”
3. Cameron can assure a lasting legacy | Dr Camilla Toulmin – International Institute for Environment and Development
A challenge to David Cameron…
“Robust advocacy within the G7 from Cameron for a strong set of SDGs and an ambitious climate change deal would show that he is as serious and consistent in his commitment to tackling global poverty and climate change as he has been on the delivery of UKAid.”

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