Saturday Morning Reading #6

Here’s your Saturday morning reading:

1. 40 maps that explain the world from the Washington Post

Maps are cool. I especially liked Number 23 and Number 35 (below).

2. Humanitarian recruit  = elitist? from Aidleap

“The professionalisation agenda presents an exciting opportunity for the sector to do something truly radical, especially given the current economic climate. […] Yet how many HR departments […] actively recruit from UK jobcentres, or prioritise recruitment from poorer or disadvantaged areas? I seriously think we are missing a trick.”

3.Ten broad brushstrokes about development cooperation from Owen Barder

E.g. “Aid agencies will be disintermediated. Not whether but when. It will be abrupt.” This provoked an interesting little Twitter exchange.

4. The development “players” from Jennifer Lentfer

A quick typology of emerging and old players in development from bilateral donors to impact investors.

5. Developing Countries Are More Than Economic Rivals and Terror Threats from Charles Kenny

An engaging article on how “the three worlds used to be capitalist, communist, and the rest. Now they are the West, the failed states, and the emerging challengers.” Also an interesting factoid: “The 20 biggest contributors of police and military personnel to the UN’s 96,887 peacekeepers are developing countries.”

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