Saturday Morning Reading #13

It’s a slightly rushed post this weekend due to a lot of work this week and (more so) because I am currently away in Moshi for a Rotary Club Intercity conference. I’m currently checking out Mt. Kilimanjaro and there’s a stork just behind me! In any case, here’s your Saturday morning reading:

1. The Great Escape, Angus Deaton’s big new book: Brilliant on inequality and politics, but wrong on aid | Ricardo Fuentes – From Poverty to Power
“Deaton concludes with cautious optimism about the future of humanity’s lot in the face of major threats, most notably climate change and politics captured by a small elite. It’s reassuring to read this hopeful note from someone of Deaton’s stature.”

2. Exploring the tension between theory and practice in community development | How Matters
“Naturally human beings change in response to their environments, and the best change comes from the community when they can collectively make decisions as to what needs to change in their lives and why the change is needed.”

3. Anti-homosexuality legislation in Africa: Three views…

a) Should the anti-homosexuality legislation in Uganda make the UK consider invoking greater conditions on aid? | Labour Campaign for International Development

b) Gay Africa: casualty of a different power struggle | By Richard Dowden – African Arguments

c) How did homophobia become the most important development issue of the day? | Bottom Up Thinking

And here’s me with a stork…

Me and my stork-er
Me and my stork-er

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